Saturday, 5 May 2012

Step by step - May

Following on from Christine's slow living essentials monthly reviews, i decided to add a bit on each month. In the past i have always tried to conquer everything at once and given up in exasperation.  Step by step, month by month i'm hoping to make small lifestyle changes to improve mine and my families lives and health.

I wish i could front up this month saying i had ticked off all my goals from April but the month turned out to be more about life than lists. Family and old friends visiting was the focus of the month and a wonderful time it was too. Cafes, shopping, garden walks, picnics, crafting and sharing the many moments of the day meant life was full, busy and simply wonderful.

So to recap my goals from April were to

- Make my everyday bread - I have finally, thanks to my mum, produced some good loaves in the breadmaker and now feel ready to tackle making it regularly enough to eat everyday. Success was hard won, i think i ruined at least 8 loaves before i finally got it right!

Ah glorious golden, risen bread! You make awesome toast.

- Keeping my sourdough alive - Yes it is alive! and well, bubbling and fluffy. I'm starting to feel that i'm understanding this little 'pet' a bit better and can balance out its feeding and dividing a bit better. I'm still working on getting a good risen loaf out of it but i think it's only a matter of time and patience.

- Make at least 1 natural cleaner and use it regularly - well i have made it but it is only just ready to be used now. I think i'll work on this a bit more next month as there is so many wonderful recipes out there. I also want to try Fiona's liquid soap recipe.

- Breathing/ relaxation exercises at least twice a week - whoops forgot all about this. I have done some breathing exercises but not as much as i should. Another thing to focus on for next month too.

Along with these few steps from April i want to work on a bit more i think i'll add in 

- Make my own yoghurt - i have done this in the past with mixed success, but when it was good it was really good.

- Make my own hot cocoa mix. I used to always drink whatever premixed hot chocolate drink that was on special but i thought this would be a good area to reduce preservatives and additives while still having a delicious hot cocoa drink which may even be a bit better for me too. I always feel better having more control over what goes into my food, don't you?

Well it wasn't too bad this month after all. I might even go and put some sourdough on now to celebrate!

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