Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Figgy mess

So today was all about one sick boy, lots of singing, playing and a few brief minutes to deal with the housework. It was also about processing some of the excess from the garden.

The capsicums became 2 bags for freezing and a bowl of roasted capsicum sauce. 

Perfect with chicken or pork and so simple to make. Simply roast the capsicum until the skins blacken then put in a bag and shake. Leave for 10 mins and then peel off the skins. Then throw the flesh in the blender with 1-2 T olive oil and half a teaspoon of salt and then blend until it is as smooth as you like. I enjoy mine a bit chunkier.

The excess of figs was to become chutney using this recipe. But with the grizzly bubba who decided he didn't need a nap this afternoon i got a bit muddled and put in too much sugar. Then after a few hours i came to the realisation that the figs were not breaking down. Closer inspection showed that the skins were just too tough. Abort mission. Into the too hard basket it went.

Then after the baby went down to bed tonight it got the better of me, i hate waste. So i scraped out all the skins and reboiled the chutney. Don't those fig skins look so lovely? It completely belies the mission it was to  remove them all!

So at the end of it all i ended up with a lot less than intended but at least it was done! Hopefully once it cools and i can test it the flavour won't be too sweet.
Note to self - in the future if you have a sick baby don't choose that day to do preserves!
Take care people xxx

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