Saturday, 2 June 2012

The winter table

One of the few rituals i still keep to these days is the seasonal table. It's something i used to be involved in when i worked in a Rudolph Steiner community. The community had a strong focus on routines, rituals and the rhythms of life. The changing of the seasons always bought with it, its own songs, pictures, stories and rituals and it was a lovely feeling acknowledging the change of season and the movement of life. I'm hoping to bring a little more of this into our lives now i have my son. I think it creates a feeling of connection to the environment and is very a grounding practice. So this week i set up the winter table and finished it off today by going out to pick rosemary with my son and share the creation of the table with him. He's too small to understand now but over time i hope it will become a special time for him and he will feel the magic i did when i first experienced it.
I hope you can all bring a little bit of magic into your lives this week too.

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