Saturday, 9 June 2012


I apologise to any vegetarians out there for the following images! My partner and i are dedicated omnivores and there is nothing we like better than a good roast. The great thing about this pork is that it is locally sourced from a free range farm where they specialise in old and rare breed animals which are slowly grown and not pumped full of all those 'extra's' we seem to get with our meat these days. It's nice to enjoy a meal knowing where and how the animals have been raised is ethical.
A few weeks ago a friend mentioned cooking pork in cider. Pork in cider! i love both those things so it was certainly worth a go.

So into the pan goes 1 cut onion, the pork leg and you guessed it cider (about 1 cm deep). Score the meat and rub with salt and a little olive oil.
Cook at 250 degrees C (yes you read that right) for 25 mins until the crackling is golden and crispy. Reduce the heat down to 180 degrees C and cook until juices run clear. (about 1 hr per kg, this leg took a bit over 2 hours) Add extra cider as needed so the pan doesn't run dry. I used a full 1.5L bottle of cider. You can also put your veges into the cider and pork juices to roast too.

Yum, doesn't that look good?

Then take the meat and veges from the pan when done and add in some water or vegetable water to the pan and stir well. Thicken with cornflour and water as desired. I'm very casual with quantities for gravy. Too thick more water, too thin more cornflour mixture - you get the idea.

Delicious cidery gravy goodness.

Dinner is served.
Enjoy your weekend xxx

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