Friday, 22 June 2012

Sewing and packing

With our holiday coming up i set about sewing a few things to make my little man more comfortable on our trip. The first thing i needed was a lining for my stroller. This is a pretty good stroller, but you can see the metal bars on each side of the seat. It's a poor design because, as sleepy babies do, when he lays his head to the side it ends up resting on the bar. Not very comfortable looking i can tell you.

So i set about making a padded inner to support his head.

I had these old cushions i had taken off the highchair and i just loved those adorable little owls so decided to recycle them into head pillows.

Luckily i had some owl fabric left over from the pillows so i whipped up 
an inner and reused the pillows for the sides.

A few slots for straps and some cute little fabric ties and a snuggly little pillow inner was done. My little man seemed to appreciate it and sat there cooing at the owls on the first trip out. 

Another wool sleep sack completed

Still perfecting a blanket stitch but it's getting there.

So now all remains is to finish off the packing before we head away. There seems to be so much more packing to do when your going away with little one's. I have a whole bag of food and snacks just to keep the little fella going, as well as blankets, toys, books, clothes, bottles.... and on it goes.

It will be exciting though and im looking forward to catching up with friends. So i may not be in blogging land for the next week unless i can find somewhere and sometime to get online.
Have a great week everyone and i'll see you on the other side.

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