Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sexy socks

Sexy aren't they? The socks not the hairy legs. So my search for the perfect (and super cheap) socks for sock puppets came to an end today with these rather odd specimens. I don't know how these are supposed to be worn. It said socks on the packet so i can only assume they go on the feet. I think they are hilarious so i had to put them on and dance a small jig for the boy's amusement before i contemplate cutting them up for puppets.

'Now mummy i don't want to alarm you but something is on your leg.....'
His reaction, first he was perplexed by the super bright specimens, then assumed and then delighted. The socks then got dragged around the house for the next hour being chatted to. So once they have eyes and features i'm sure they will be a big hit.

Another high point of my day, cookies. Seriously you must all know by now how much i love food?
These cookies were made by a friends mother for her son's first birthday. She bought them to playcentre today and then kindly packed some into my bag before she left. You gotta love friends like that. I don't know what they are called but they are both delicious and pretty. Always a good combo, so i've asked for the recipe. Watch this space, i'll be sure to share.

Take care people and if your feeling a bit down i can recommend wearing some random looking socks around for awhile to make you smile.

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