Thursday, 7 June 2012

Making peace with the breadmaker

Well after nearly 2 months of breadmaker war we have finally reached an agreement.
Things i know for sure -
The breadmaker is not my ally.
The breadmaker is not smart.
The breadmaker's rising times cannot be trusted.
The breadmaker makes stupidly shaped bread with a hole in the bottom.
The breadmaker was at risk of becoming a large doorstop or possibly being thrown over the back fence.
The breadmaker kneads bread just fine, which saves my hands.

A truce was reached. The breadmaker will carry out the kneading and initial rising duties of making said loaf and then shall give up all rights of baking to the oven and breadmaker owner. Failure to complete these duties may result in the breadmakers ultimate destruction.

So far the new agreement is working out perfectly. I have the right size, shape and texture loaf. I have more control of the ingredients i add which frees me up to work more with sourdough ( yes it's still alive). And most importantly all acts of violence against the breadmaker have so far been avoided.



  1. This is how i do it too! Hated that square little loaf with the hole in the bottom!