Friday, 1 June 2012

Slow living - month 5

Wow this year is disappearing quickly, month 5 already! I'd love to say its been a great month for slow living but in reality its been a months of colds, busyness and a feeling of being out of sync. It sounds like i haven't been alone in this this month. But that's the reality of life and i look forward to another month moving forward. Life is a blessing even when it doesn't go to plan.

Nourish - I cook almost everything from scratch these days and this month has been no exception. Homemade lentil stews, frozen beef stocks, wheat crackers, cranberry crumbles and lots of baking for my hungry little boy. Check out my last post for my favourite deviled sausages recipe.

Prepare - Preparing the last of the years capsicums and packaging them up for freezing. Making a batch of fig chutney for those winter lunches of hot fresh bread with cheese, pickle and a bowl of warm soup. Stewing some rhubarb for freezing for Sunday fruit crumbles.

Reduce - Pulling out some old scraps of fabric to sew together a new apron for doing the housework in.

Green - Cutting back on our electricity bill by not using the drier where possible, turning off lights and generally being more aware of our power usage.

Grow - Harvesting the winter crop of silverbeet, figs, herbs and capsicums. Potting up some coriander to go on the windowsill for cooking over the cold months.

Create - Finishing another month on my chestnut and vine quilt and sewing a new apron. There has been lots of planning and digging around in my fabric stash this month planning a few new projects based on scrappy quilting and recycling. I'm very excited, watch this space!

Discover - Enjoying a book about the history of the embroiderers who worked on the Bayeux tapestry. Discovering new (and old) quilting techniques for my upcoming projects.

Enhance/ Connect - This month saw the first meeting of my new craft group - Threaded. Over the years ive been part of many craft group but for the last few years i've been too busy with work and life in general to stay involved in one. So now i'm in a different place in my life it felt like time to start one again. I also know a  very different circle of people now i'm a mum and it's been great to connect with people who share my love for craft.

Enjoy - We had a wonderful evening out this month with friends made possible by the kindest of another friend babysitting. It was a beautiful food and wine matching evening from one of my favourite vineyards from my home town - Alpha Domus. Five courses of beautiful food perfectly matched with 5 different wines. Bliss.

On reflection this month wasn't too bad after all! Gee we can be too critical of ourselves some times can't we? I suppose that's why i've enjoyed these monthly reviews so much, its a reminder to slow down, reflect and breathe.

Have a great weekend everyone. xx


  1. Goodness you have been busy! That quilt is beautiful...well done you

  2. "Life is a blessing even when it doesn't go to plan." This is so true.

    I really enjoyed your post.

  3. Hi Racheal, your craft is all systems go at the moment. That quilt..I'm sure I told you it's stunning! And I'm loving that apron, you clever cookie.
    Enjoy the weekend,

  4. Wow, that quilt is just amazing! Hope your new craft group is loads of fun.

  5. Thanks everyone, yes the quilt is turning out so well, im very pleased with it. Ive never done such a big project like this before and am really enjoying it. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Hi rachael, You've done well on the food front! Cooking from scratch and all that preparing. I always fall down on 'prepare'. I'm hard pushed to keep up with cooking for our daily food! The more I cook, the more they eat!

  7. NOTHING better than fresh bread, cheese and pickle...especially a figgy one.

  8. Sunday fruit crumbles sound like a wonderful idea, perhaps I should start that tradition. That quilt you're working on is absolutely beautiful, so clever! And the evening out I'm sure was wonderful too. Thanks for sharing your month with us all.