Saturday, 7 July 2012


I am ridiculously pleased with myself about my first crochet project. I've only ever made practice squares, which occasionally mysteriously became triangles. So for my first project i could have made a scarf, a peggy square blanket or a hat but why would i make those when i could make this.

Ah the adorableness. And ever so practical, or at least it will be once i make it into a brooch. I came across this amazing website skip to my lou, a craft lovers haven it had an article featuring the 10 most beautiful crochet flower patterns and i just couldn't resist. The instructions were super easy and this was my second attempt, the first wasn't too bad either but the shape wasn't quite right. It was also my first time reading a crochet pattern and thanks to my friend Laura giving me impromptu instructions as i went and crochet kittens easy stitch library instructions filling in the gaps, it actually turned into a flower, miracle!! So quick and so much fun, i'll be making a lot more of these and some of the other patterns soon.

I seem to be in the middle of a craft boom at the moment, i have so much on the go - i'm knitted a vest, finishing a quilt top, unpicking and altering another quilt top ready for quilting, making some bunting for the little boy's 1st birthday, and finishing up a few presents. So there will hopefully be a lot of new finished things to see here soon.
Heres a snippet of a gift in progress that has kept me busy tonight.

And i couldn't resist sharing a photo of my little helper.

Have a great weekend everyone, may your days be filled with loved ones and crafts!

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