Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fuzzy bunny cheese

Cheese making is a rather odd process when you think about it. You create this milk based product, press it into a round cheese shape and then stick it in your wardrobe (and in the case of camembert) wait excitedly for it to grow mould. I can't think of a single other time where this would happen. Certainly as a student mould didn't cause this degree of excitement and there was a lot of it in those days.......

Anyway, As you can see the camembert is progressing well and the white mould has been growing over the surface. There was a small hiccup when the cheese on the right grew a small ammount of blue mould and we thought it was ruined, but no apparently this is common and you just scrape it off and wait for the white mould to grow over the scraped areas.

Told you it was weird! So hopefully in a few more days we will have fluffy bunny fuzz camembert's all ready for wrapping and ageing. In the meantime i thought i might whip up some quark for some instant gratification.

Take care people


  1. Thanks for your post on cheese making, I have been thinking about it for a few months now.
    Hope it turns out to be delicious!

    1. Me too! I will let you know when we finally get to try it in a few weeks. Thanks for commenting.