Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cheese in progress

Among the many other things we decided to do on holiday we thought it was time to try our hand at cheesemaking. My partner and i have been talking about trying it for ages but had never got around to it. As we hiked the hills of marlborough in the first week of the holidays and planned for the second half the idea of cheesemaking came back to us.
So on our return home we decided to pick up a cheesemaking kit and give it a go. The decision of what type to make lead to the decision to buy a kit that could be added to, to make a variety of fresh and aged cheeses.
First up we made some camembert.

Heating the milk and adding the cultures

Let the milk sit in a warm spot to make the curd.

Just after cutting and stirring the curd.

Scoop the curd into the moulds and leave to settle.

After an hour the camembert is ready for flipping to help the whey drain evenly.
So now we just have to wait for the cheese to mature, flipping it every few days while it matures and in a few weeks we will hopefully have some beautiful camembert to eat.
I also made some ricotta from the leftover whey and we also have some feta on the go too. Hopefully in a few days we will be having some feta salads with our dinner. Yum.


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