Monday, 2 July 2012

Slow living 2012 - Month 6

Joining in again with Christine from Slow living essentials - Welcome to Month 6 of the 2012 Slow Living diary - a record to help me keep track of my personal achievements over the past month. 

Well it has definately been a better month here. Still illness lingering around but things seem to have flowed a bit better generally. Always a good feeling! So onto the coldest month of the year.

{Nourish} - Homemade baking galore - muffins, biscuits and loaves a plenty have kept family and friends well fed and content when visiting. My favourite new recipe this month was definately ginger kisses, although they needed a lot more ginger for my taste they were certainly popular here. Along with salads and home cooked dinners we continue to enjoy good food in this house.

{Prepare] - A slower month on the preserving front. Some more vegetables, including the last of the capsicums were prepared and frozen for winter use. I'm loving Christine's idea of making regular stock and think i might start making some stock of my own.

{Reduce} - This month i used some old high chair cushions and repurposed them into padding for the stroller. I was very pleased with the result and even more happy to find a good use for this adorable owl fabric.

{Green} - One of my weaker areas i currently don't use many homemade cleaners. It is something i want to work on though. I did however purchase some beautiful handmade soaps from a local producer while on holiday. Homemade soap is such a treat and so much nicer than the shop stuff.

{Grow} - Only a few things are surviving the winter here. Silverbeet and kale continue to grow well and our mystery brassica's have turned out to be broccoli, i am so happy about that, i love love broccoli. We also got to try a few new vegetables thanks to my partners love of the weird and wonderful - Salsify and Celeriac both made an appearance on our plates this month. I also have some coriander growing on the windowsill which is starting to do quite well and the garlic has gone in the ground.

{Create} - I've been busy sewing up sleeping sacks for my little man as well as overcoming my aversion to knitting. Yep the knitting is still happening and i'm actually starting to enjoy it.

{Enhance} - This month was filled with visits to old friends which was wonderful and nourishing for the soul. Threaded ( my craft group) continues to grow and it feels so wonderful to have everyone come together regularly and relax.

{Discover} - I'm currently reading Buddhism for mothers by Sarah Napthali, a fascinating book about being a calm, present mother. It has been very interesting so far and very thought provoking.

{Enjoy} - Well there has been so much to enjoy this month with a holiday away - craft shops, good food, beautiful walks, wineries, friends and lambs! The coromandel is just stunning and i'll be sure to share some photos of our trip in the next few days once i've sorted through them.

Hmmm feeling refreshed and grounded. It's good to be home.

Take care people xxx 


  1. Those ginger kisses look delicious, would you like to share the recipe?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Wendy they were super yummy, you can find the recipe here.

  2. It's lovely to hear someone so content and happy with their month! I really love the sleeping bags. I wish I could find a pattern for a six year old. I'm not clever enough to make one without a pattern. My boy throws his blankets off every night and then either wakes up or freezes! The sleeping bags worked so well when he was younger. Good job with the stroller!

    1. Thanks Linda, the sleeping bags are really easy to make, you can see the instructions here.

  3. I can highly reccomend the miracle cleaner on the simple saving website- its easy to make, smells great and is a FANTASTIC spray n wipe type cleaner