Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Working Washi

So i decided to join the Washi dress  bandwagon after seeing a dress made by Tania at Ivy nest. Such a lovely dress and it looked so comfortable. Even better i thought it just might work with my rather ample pear shape that can be so difficult to dress well. Now i love to sew but it's been years since i sewed an item of clothing. Put off by so many patterns that just didn't fit properly at the end it always felt like a waste of time. A few years, a lot more sewing experience and the perfect pattern and we have success!!

Please excuse the rather bleary 'running off to work, quick take a photo' look on my face.
What can i say i'm not a morning person.

Now this is a pretty plain fabric for a washi, and with good reason. This was some leftover fabric i decided to use to make a 'mock up' dress before starting on the real thing. But as it came together i thought although it was plain, it might just work. And it does, it looks slightly formal but is still extra comfy for a day at work.

What an amazing pattern this was to make. I have so many plans for future Washi dresses and tops.

Check out the other Washi pictures and buy the pattern over at Made-by-Rae and also check out her celebrate the boy week. So many cool things to make for the little men in our lives.

Have a great week everyone.

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