Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Womad 2013

Well we are back from the NZ Womad festival, and we are very tired and damp! The weekend was one of many discoveries. There was some amazing new music, the discovery that my little boy can run much faster than i thought and the reality of camping at a music festival for 3 days with a nearly 2 year old. Yep it was interesting, tiring and wonderful and maybe something i don't want to repeat for awhile.....

Yes it rained, an extra delight with a little one when staying in a tent. Little man had a blast in his wet weather gear and little dragon gumboots. Definitely a family weekend to remember.

Right 9 loads of washing down, 2 more to go!
Take care everyone.


  1. I love WOMAD I used to go to it in New Plymouth. It is something I am looking forward to doing again when we move back to NZ. Well one of the many things but that is still a year or so away.

    1. That's where we went. It's so wonderful isn't it! Such a special event. I must say it is a whole new experience with a small boy in tow though. Some wonderful memories though and a few that will hopefully fade over time lol