Friday, 8 March 2013

My house is covered in fabric

Ok not all of it, but yep quite a bit. I have so many projects on the go and every time i get up i seem to have collected more wayward threads from the last sewing session. Maybe i should vacumn more and sew less. Lol yeh ok not even i believed that was an option.

Since finishing the washi dress i've been obsessed with getting more fabric and making more clothes. Suddenly shopping for pre-made clothes has become sooooo boring. Everything is the same! the same colours everywhere i turn, the same styles - all of which seem to be unflattering on a pear shape at the moment. It's all so boring and now a whole world of sewing has opened up.

This is the fabric covering my sofa at the moment waiting to be made into this lovely skirt.

This is a classic wrap skirt from the book Weekend Sewing By Heather Ross.

 A lovely wee book i picked up at the library while chasing the toddler up and down the aisles. Cause that's what library are for, running, squealing and hiding from mummy. On another note if anyone has any advice on dealing with running, squealing, hiding toddlers who thinks it's the best game ever let me know. And it turns out ignoring the behaviour results in loosing him entirely for a few stressful moments, so maybe not that approach again.

Anyway weekend sewing here i come, the skirt is all cut out and ready to sew, if the book's claim is accurate i should be able to whip up a new skirt tomorrow - running, squealing, hiding toddler depending.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Love the fabric. I have put all clothes sewing and shopping on hold as I have way too many and there are so many half finished projects going on I do not need to start a new one. I am very envious of your sewing I am self taught and really need to have some lessons. I really cannot continue avoiding putting in zips.

    1. Thanks! Yes my fabric stash threatens to smother me if i dig through it the wrong way and yes there are plenty of UFO's waiting for my attention. I think thats whats so wonderful about creativity! And don't worry i may have learn to sew young but i still avoid zips! Maybe we can both overcome our fear this year and sew an item of clothing with a zip. Lol thanks for dropping by.