Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sweet treats and busy weeks

The days seem to be flying by with not enough hours in the day. I have a sense of rushing through my days, my tasks and my food. It's only now i take a moment to breathe tonight that i realise how i'm letting the time pass by without taking time to really be in the moment. You miss so much that way.
But for me it's a natural state when i'm under stress, work faster and more to try and reduce the pressure. But it really doesn't work that way, i need to slow down breathe and get everything back into perspective. The world will not end if i don't finish a report on time! So after all that ranting, i'm going to take a deep breath, slow down and tell you about a few sweet things from the week past.

So on Sunday i attended a dessert making class. 

We made chocolate tarts, vanilla panna cotta

and tiramisu. 
It was great fun and i've developed a new love for panna cotta. A creamy italian dessert where the cream is cooked  with sugar and flavours and set almost like a cream jelly. Not a great description but very luscious.

With all the rushing around i have been doing there's been little time for craft lately, another sign i'm working too hard. So tomorrow i'm taking a break. Off to the pools with my little man in the morning and some crafting tomorrow night hopefully, and maybe a little Easter baking to share with you all.

Take care everyone. 
Rest, relax, breathe

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  1. Ooooo Yummmmm! A dessert workshop! No thats my kinda class! - Kara xx