Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sibyl's biscuit tin - Jubilee scones

I love a good scone, i don't think anything can beat one for an afternoon tea choice. The trouble i have is occassionally ending up with small rock like objects instead of scones. I just don't have a go-to recipe that works every time.

On the search for a new scone recipe to try for coffee group i stumbled across Jubilee scones in my League of Mothers cookbook. For a start it has a cool name. For a second point it looks a little different to my average scone recipe so i decide to give it a go.

The scone mixture felt more silky when working with it, compared to a regular scone recipe. I wonder if that is due to the egg in this recipe.
Also unexpectedly this recipe is iced. I know slightly weird right? I didn't notice this step until i got to the end of the recipe. An iced scone? really? I'm a stickler for following the full recipe for the first time trying it. So iced they were.

Now come on, they are pretty cute right? Pink icing rolled in coconut. A little more 'PINK' than intended but still good.
Now the important bit - flavour.
I cut these in half and filled them with jam and i can tell you, you will never want to go back to those old unpinked scones again. Ok,ok you might, all scones are good, but these are really special.

I hope you will give these one's a go, they are worth it. And they look cute, did i mention the cute?

Jubilee Scones

1/2 lb flour
pinch salt
1 Cups (C) sultanas
3 Tablespoons (T) sugar
1/2 C milk
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
1 T butter
a little bit of peel ( i used fresh lemon zest, cause that's what i had)
1 beaten egg

Sift all dry ingredients together, rub in butter. Add fruit, beaten egg and milk. 
The recipe says to bake in a loaf shape but i didn't read that far until i had already put them in the oven.
Ice while warm and sprinkle with coconut.

The thing about old recipes is they are often very brief in instructions, assuming that you know where to fill in the gaps. Whether i do or dont i take a good guess. So i cooked these at 200degrees C for about 15mins.
For the icing i mixed together
1 C icing sugar
1 T soft butter
a few drops of red food colouring
then mix in a tiny ammount of water until the mixture becomes a smooth, soft paste.

Enjoy with a good cuppa xxx 

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