Monday, 20 August 2012

Play dough

So last week i hosted my antenatal group at my place. I say that loosely as there is only a couple of us left still not working full time a year on. The weather has been less than predictable lately with plenty of rain and miserable days. So i thought i better rustle up a good indoor activity to keep the little one's entertained.
Enter - play dough! After baking up a storm of scones and biscuits i started on a batch of play dough. I've heard about cooked playdough before but read good things about this easy to make recipe from the kindergarten association.

Easy no cook play dough

2 Cups of flour
1/2 C salt
2 Tablespoons oil
2 T cream of tartar
2 cups of boiling water ( i found this too much, so start with 1 1/2 C)
food colouring

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and add in the oil, water and colours.
This is a wetter mixture and as it dries it dries out a bit. If you find it is still too wet you can
 just knead in a bit of extra flour.

Store in an airtight container. 1 week on and it's still a good texture.

You can see in the picture that the play dough looks wet when first mixed but it dries to a nice consistency. 
It looks a little funny as i ran out of normal flour and had to use wholemeal which added an interesting texture. The babies loved it and the mums loved it more - playdough sculpting charades!

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Oh play dough has many possibilites - add glitter for a fun touch, add some drops of lovely smelling essential oils so the kids get an aromatic sensory experience as well. And when it gets old and nasty use it outside and let little ones stick stones, sticks and seedpods in it. Cream of tartar is always on my shopping list as we make a lot of play dough!

    1. Oh good idea about the scent and glitter, that would be a good sensory experience. As well as destroying it outside! He will love that. Thanks for visiting and commenting.