Monday, 15 October 2012

Old favourites

Another busy weekend has passed but what a wonderful time we had. Time to catch up with family and chat the night away. So wonderful. I was also lucky enough on this visit to be able to get copies off my partners mums recipe book which was filled with old favourites. I don't know how many times i heard him talk about favourite meals from his childhood and how many recipes i needed to get. Well now i have the whole set!

Don't these recipes look well loved? I bet they taste pretty good too. So i'm looking forward to sorting through them all and deciding where to start first! I see some baking in my future.....


  1. Thats really cool, I'm sure Dad and baby will enjoy Grandma's old recipes :)

    1. yep totally, the first batch is already in the oven and we are watching it with anticipation!