Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Little minds, Little tummies

I've been trying out a few fun activities with my little one lately. He is such a curious little boy and loves trying something new. One of his favourite activities is baking and he loves to stir ingredients and tip things into the bowl. So when i came across coloured rice on pinterest i thought he would really love it.
It's also super simple and only takes a few minutes to make.

Put dry uncooked rice in a bowl and a splash of food colouring 

 (as much or as little as you want to get the right colour)

Then mix well

Put in the sun to dry for a bit (about 30mins, stirring a couple of times)

Then i just poured some different colours into a container. Added pots, spoons and cups and away he went. He loved it stirring and pouring to his hearts content!
 I loved it too, it feel really nice to run your hands through rice, very relaxing.
And it's pretty to look at, never underestimate the pretty factor!

And if your little one is hungry after all that play try out a recipe i made up earlier this week.

Rice and vege cakes (Leftover special!)

1/2C leftover cooked rice
1/4C grated cheese
1 grated carrot
1/2C diced spinach or other greens
1 small diced tomato
(Think leftovers here and use any other veges, meat or pasta you have)

Add the rice, cheese and veges to a bowl and stir together.

1 egg
2T flour 
pinch salt

Mix well until it is thick and sticky enough to form a patty. If you think it's too wet add a little more flour, it will depend a little on the veges you use.

Form into patties and fry till golden on both sides ( about 4 mins a side).

These are delicious! I loved the slightly creamy texture. I made these for the bubba, but we ended up sharing them for lunch with tomato sauce for dipping.

Yummy and packed with veges. Double win.

Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Ooh I love this idea. I'm a lazy mum, shall have to up the ante and give this a go :)