Thursday, 18 October 2012

Give more this year for christmas

I have started donating to charities this year. I've done it in the past but just every now and then. Since having Cohen i have become more tuned into the world around me and particularly how harsh it can be at times. I've also come to realise just how blessed my life is and i want to share a little of that to hopefully help make things a little better in the world. 
What i really want to do is some volunteer work but i haven't been able to find the time to commit fully just yet. I also haven't found the right thing for me yet either. So instead, for now, i try to donate a little bit each month.
This month i decided to support Canteen, an organisation which supports young people, and their families, who are affected by cancer. It was one of those phone calls many of us get for fundraising efforts. It's a great charity so i made a donation and purchased some of their christmas cards. 

I recieved them today and i just wanted to share them with you all.

These are the cards, aren't they lovely? And a uniquely NZ christmas feeling to them. I didn't realise that on the back there was the story of each artist. Stories of young people affected by cancer. It was beautifully touching.

So if you are buying christmas cards this year i urge you to consider supporting this or other charities by purchasing theirs. Give more than just a picture this year.


Just to clarify, i recieve nothing for writing this post other than the hope of making things a little better in the world.

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