Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lights are on but no-ones home

There has been no blogging for me lately and no reading of blogs either.Work has been on my mind lately. I'm either working or thinking about it. It's a space i hate to be in, hard decisions to make with no clear path but a distinct uneasiness that maybe i'm not doing the right thing. So currently i'm waiting for a clear path through it all, here's hoping it comes soon. I hate this feeling that although i'm physically here my mind is always elsewhere. So much is missed and the worry cycle continues. I think i need some space to breathe, center and allow my mind to clear a little. I thought i'd come and touch base with you all and share a few photos i took recently.
- success with sourdough!
- the view i see most these days
- a $2 bag of fun! pegs are the best toy, add in a small container with a hole cut in the lit for posting and you have a silent bubba for a least 20 minutes. Bliss,

Hopefully your week is a little more settled than mine.

Take care people and hopefully i will be more present this week in every sense. xxx

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