Monday, 7 January 2013

Moda jelly roll floor pillows

A new year a new craft project. This time using this jelly roll from Grandmothers garden - my absolute favourite patchwork and quilting shop.

I'm going to be making these amazing floor cushions from the Moda bake shop

So far this is a very relaxing project. I was worried about all those points and the possibility of it being a fiddly project. So far my worries have been unfounded and i've got a little production line going - sew, iron, cut, pin, sew, iron, cut, pin..... and on it goes, quite meditative really. Even better when you're watching the Doctor Who Christmas special while doing it.

This is my progress so far.

I love how the fabrics are all so different but are complimenting each other so well. I still have a range of blues and reds to come yet so it should look pretty good when it's all done.
 It is going to be huge though!

Hmmmm a few quiet minutes i might run off and do a little more now.
See you all later.

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  1. Love this blog. All of the information are good enough here that how we should choose floor cushion or pillow and how we can make them.
    A big hug!!!!