Friday, 4 January 2013

Homecoming, cherries and more pie

Well we are finally back from our time away and settling into the home routine again. As much fun as i had on our holiday it feels like a collective exhale to be home again. Our little man was so excited he ran around the house squealing when we got home, at midnight... for about an hour then crashed asleep. Then a day after our first home coming we jumped in the car and headed away again to the beautiful Coromandel for new years eve with good friends.

So now we are home and there is unpacking, tidying and a little more relaxing still. Oh and maybe another pie. I know, i'm obsessed, but when you arrive home with 2 kilo of fresh cherries you have to make pie.

So far some cherries have made it to the freezer, some are being eaten fresh and some are now coated in sugar waiting for their rendezvous with the pie casing tomorrow.

I'm trying out a new recipe from here which sounds pretty good so i'll let you all know how it turns out.
Yum, there is never enough pie. 

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