Thursday, 14 February 2013

Slow down, be still, be mindful

Sleepiness was the theme of the day after an uncharacteristically early start from my boy in the dark wee hours. He's usually a late sleeper like the rest of us and usually doesn't stir till around 7.30 - 8. So this was a bit of a shock to the system and made me think back to the newborn days when every day seemed to start in the dark. Needless to say by 8am he was a sniffling mess and needed to head back to bed. So the day routine was thrown out the window with much crying, sleepiness and out of sync naps and wakings.  I found we automatically went back to our newborn survival tactics of living in the moment and took each change as it came.
I can happily say we have survived and i think the culprit is a brewing cold so we will just ride it out for now.

I remember the stress of the newborn days. This little man had colic, reflux and cow milk intolerance. He was so hungry all the time but feeding caused him so much pain that we couldn't consider planning a minute ahead. We literally had to live minute by minute until the pain became more controlled and the rather impressive projectile vomiting reduced many months on.
Oh how tired i was in those early days and months. My mind was a constant fog. I couldn't make a sandwich or get on a load of washing in a whole day sometimes. Yeh ok, many times.

But i don't look back on those days as depressing or horrible. 
Stressful as they were it was the best lesson of  my life.

Be still mummy
Slow down mummy
Housework really can wait 
Be mindful
Live in the present
Love this baby
Nourish yourself

As i thought back on all this and remembered how it all felt i thought, yes, this is what i need today.
Slow down
Be still
Let the housework wait
Live in the present
Be mindful
Cuddle and love this child
Nourish yourself

So here i sit at the end of the day, tired and walking in a daze and taking some time to nourish myself with a healthy dinner, some time to think and of course a good cup of tea.

Thankyou all for being here with me today in this moment. 

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