Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Green zebra cakes (or zucchini and chocolate)

Like a lot of you on this side of the world we are currently being inundated with zucchini from the garden. We've been eating steamed, boiled and saute zucchini, zucchini slice, quiche and fritters and still we have more. Recently a friend mentioned one of her favourite ways with zucchini is in chocolate cake.

Now i'm not usually a fan of the whole, grate veges into a cake to make it healthier. I believe cake has one purpose in life - to taste good, really really good....
But given we are at risk of being overtaken by marrows i thought i'd give it a go.I had low expectations but i was pleasantly surprised, this cake is amazing. So amazing i think it will be my go to chocolate cake recipe from now on. It's like yummy chocolate cake but super super moist.

The little green flecks is where it gets the name green zebra cake. I thought it was a cute friendly name for the little ones i know. I used this recipe here . The cinnamon tastes great in this cake and isn't strong at all but i really didn't like it with mixed spice when i tried it.

The only change i would make is maybe to use a little more cocoa. And don't leave off the chocolate chips they work perfectly. A great cake though and it stays super moist for days.

Your little ones will love this. Not a crumb has been wasted in this house.

Have a great week everyone. xxx


  1. Sounds great. I make one with beetroot that is really good too. I will give this one a go.

    1. Beetroot? i've always wondered how that tastes given it's such a strong flavour. I bet the colour is pretty amazing though.