Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Handmade ornament swap -my parcel arrived!

About a month ago i signed up with Christina Lowry designs to take part in a handmade ornament swap. I sent my parcel off last week and this week a parcel arrived for me.

Beautifully wrapped and all the way from Australia my gift came from Monique over at Moniques Mess . I've also just read that the wrapping was also printed from lino designs from many years ago. Wow i'm impressed Monique!

The lovely packaging continues with this gift box and inside was this lovely little mouse and her own little seat  ,made from a spoon and beads, for sitting in the christmas tree.

Isn't she just sweet? The stitching is so dainty and the detail is amazing with the tiny stitched flowers and lace dress.

And here is an action shot of her nestling into the tree. 

She really is very lovely. I'm so grateful for the hard work that went into this. 
Thanks Monique!


  1. Hope you enjoy your ornament! It has been such a fun swap to paticipate in. I'm still waiting for my surprise, can't wait!Your mouse is fully possable just bend the wires of the arms and legs to suit positioning. Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Yes thanks i love it, im so impressed with the tiny stitching and details. My little man keeps taking it off the tree to look at it too.