Friday, 28 December 2012

Boysenberry pie in the sun

When on holiday in the sunny hawkes bay we are surrounded by fresh fruit. So it's wonderful to take a little bit of time to make another fresh berry pie. Oh how I'm loving making these. And I think I'm perfecting my sweet pastry recipe which gives me leave to try a multitude of fillings. Fresh picked boysenberries from a stand down the road and a bbq tonight provided the perfect excuse for making another pie.

Ok I promise it looked amazing when just cooked! It's not as pretty when mostly eaten and a tad squashed. Ahem I may have put my bag on it during the trip to the BBQ. Still tasted amazing though!

A simple recipe again. The filling was made using
6 C fresh boysenberries
11/4C sugar
1/8t salt
3T cornflour

Mix together in a bowl and pour into an uncooked pastry shell.
Cover with a lattice top and brush with beaten egg.

Bake at 180degrees C for about 45 mins until golden.

Allow to cool until slightly warm and serve alone or with cream or icecream. A perfect summer dessert.

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