Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I am laying low here at the moment with little baking or sewing to mention. Just a few more cm on my knitting to keep me going. This year has been the sickest one i can remember with bugs in the house every few weeks since before i can recall. Everything just feels a little worn out, a little harder, a little more tiring. I always thought i had the immune system of a horse being a nurse for a number of years. I always dodged the bugs.
But the first year of my little man's life has proven tough on the immune system for him as well as me. Leaving us all a little run down and tired.
The last few weeks i've felt the need not to craft or cook too much and rest a little more. It seems the right thing for the moment.
So while the body rests, the mind plans - christmas puddings, decorations, new quilts and maybe some hand sewn pieces this summer.  I'll be back soon when a little of the regular energy returns.


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