Monday, 13 May 2013

Loving... Grateful.....

My Monday night ritual to reset and start the week in a good place. Feel free to join me and tell me what you are grateful for in the comments. 

~ Loving....
- A little time to rest and relax amongst a busy schedule.

~ Grateful

- For the safe arrival of a perfect little nephew this week. I can't wait to meet this lovely little man.

- That the busy times will be finished in a few weeks and we can go back to our regular routine. The routine where i have more time to play, laugh, bake and sleep! 

- For photos like this that make me giggle. In case you are wondering this picture was taken inside a big blue toy bin which is over our heads. We're never too old to play and be a bit silly.

Have a great week everyone.
Pause, breathe, be kind, be grateful

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